Rules for driving in the rain

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Rules for driving in the rain

1. Vehicle speed should not exceed 50 km / h.

2. The braking distance on wet roads increases, so start braking early. Braking ahead of time will allow other vehicles to orient themselves in time and slow down.

3. We do not recommend using the cruise control during rain. Often this system is not adapted to wet weather conditions, so it thinks that the car is driving on dry asphalt.

4. Don’t forget about the headlights. A car with headlights on is more noticeable in bad weather. The best option is fog lights, but the high beam, reflected from the raindrops, will dazzle.

5. Be sure to keep your distance from the vehicle in front. Again, the braking distance on wet roads increases.

6. If the windscreen wipers do not work for some reason, do not continue driving! Visibility in this case is zero, which is extremely dangerous.

7. If your car has skidded, you do not need to make sharp turns of the steering wheel and apply the brake. Otherwise, the car will spin.

8. Remember that in inclement weather, pedestrians often forget to be careful, wanting to quickly shelter from the rain. So slow down before pedestrian crossings.

9. If the brake pads are wet, the braking performance is noticeably reduced. Drying them is very simple: you need to drive a short distance, while lightly pressing the brake pedal several times. The pads will warm up and the water will evaporate.

10. Always brake in front of puddles. First, they may have a pit or an open hatch. Secondly, water can enter the brake pads. And, thirdly, at high speed, the water does not have time to leave from under the wheels, and the car “floats”, that is, it becomes practically uncontrollable.

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